Video: Making a vision board


As I have mentioned, our family has a tradition of making dream or vision boards every new year. These contain our hopes, dreams, and motivation for the year ahead. A few of you have messaged me to ask me how you can make one yourself. Here, I talk about the process and why it works to help you manifest your dreams.

The science behind why these work is quite simple—they help you to hone your focus and make your goals more concrete, but it’s more than that, too. Specifically, setting your vision board in a prominent place will remind you daily of the big picture of your goals for the year. The daily reminder will keep you moving forward and working on the smaller tasks to get you there. Which means that it is less about the universe handing you your dreams on a magic silver platter despite you, and more about YOU taking the actual steps daily to get you there.

For an entrepreneurial perspective on why these work and whether successful people actually use them, check out this article on Forbes.

Do you make vision boards, or dream boards? Will you make one this year?

Happy dreaming, making, and doing!

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