Video: This Wild Life – A short story trailer for Eating Buckets

What do you wish for? What keeps you up at night? Where will your heart take you? Brian and I ask each other these questions often because it keeps us curious and alive, but we don’t often get to combine words and pictures and think about these questions the way we were able to in this video.

This is a short (under 5 mins) story trailer of our work-in-progress life as we garden and restore our old farmhouse and raise our family. We started making this trailer last week, but really it’s a compilation of videos and photos over the past four years, and it encompasses a lifetime of history with my husband, The Good Man. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for joining us on this journey. It really and truly wouldn’t be the same without you. So even though this is just a short project, it was still a fun and creative thing for us to do together and it’s fun to be able to share it with you.

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