Campari and Prosecco Cocktails

These Campari cocktails are a twist on the ones Brian and I loved years ago in Cinque Terre when we traveled to Italy before having kids. The “Campari Spritz” is served with a different twist or take every time, depending on the bartender’s tastes, but typically involves white wine, Campari, and a spritz of club soda, topped with an Italian blood orange slice.


Still relatively recently married and on our first trip to Italy together, we were in love with love and in love with all of Italy. The Campari Spritz captured our hearts and their taste still reminds us of sunny days in Cinque Terre eating farinata pizza and staring at the unbelievably sparkly water of the Italian Riviera.

These made-at-home NW farmhouse versions capture their spirit but with a slightly different twist—the bubbles come from Prosecco, the orange flavor is amped up a bit with a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice and an extra slice of orange. I served it over ice this time, but often don’t.

To make:

  • 4 oz Prosecco 
  • oz Campari
  • Splash of orange juice (optional)
  • Ice, a few cubes (optional)
  • Slices of orange

Serve in any chilled glass you have on hand. I’m diggin’ the mason jars for farmhouse presentation on our worn-out picnic table overlooking the garden.



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