Italian chick peas with rosemary and fresh tomatoes.

Easy: Soak about two cups of dry beans overnight. Drain and rinse several times. Cover with water about 2” above beans. Add pinch of baking soda to help soften beans. Cook until tender.

In a heavy pan, melt a knob of butter (optional) and 1/3 cup or more of olive oil. Add generous sprig of fresh rosemary. Cook for 5 minutes. Add coarsely chopped fresh garlic to taste (I used several cloves). Add drained beans. Stir to coat.


Add chopped fresh tomatoes (use several varieties of garden-fresh tomatoes for best, most complex flavor).


Sprinkle with kosher salt, rosemary leaves (deconstructed from the sprig you already added to the dish), and smoked paprika. Douse with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Stir gently just once or twice to incorporate.

Serve in a large, wide bowl. Top with toasted pine nuts and red pepper flakes (optional).

Totally utterly delish. And ridiculously good for you.

Happy Monday!




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