Free Masterclass Gardening Summit: Join 11 Top Kitchen Gardeners From Across the Country

I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you about a Free Virtual Masterclass Gardening Summit bringing together some of the most amazing kitchen gardeners from around the country to teach you exactly how you can start growing more of your own food–and planning for what to do with it (that’s my topic!). It’s a diverse line-up of smart, invested, passionate, connected gardeners who love food and will show you how to grow it!

This masterclass series is the brainchild of Jason Brunson from Rebel Gardens, purveyor of heritage seeds and the passionate vision that we can all live a sustainable life, no matter how much space we have to grow in.

Registration is FREE and it’ll be available for days after so that you can re-watch and revisit your favorite classes again and again for all the tips and tricks, so grab your spot now: The summit is on May 1st–that’s just around the corner, and just in time to get you on a great road to success for your summer and fall garden.

A Fantastic Line-Up of People & Topics

Look at this stellar line-up of awesome people dedicated to helping you grow your victory garden in any space, regardless of whether you’ve ever planted a seed before or are a more experienced gardener. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to! Don’t forget to click on each person’s name to learn more about them–their blogs, social media accounts, YouTube channels–and all of their passion projects that you can follow along for daily inspiration.

Kevin Espiritu, EPIC Gardening
Container Gardening Masterclass: How To Grow Food Anywhere
Lindsey Reeves, Homestead Homemaker
Garden Pest Control: Feed Your Family, Not The Bugs
Jessica Smith, Grow Food Nation
Crafting Garden Resilience: How To Feed Your Plants and Support the Soil
Timothy Hammond, Big City Gardener
Seed Starting Masterclass: Seed Starting
Rebecca Hoeffler, Sustainability Coordinator at Duke University
Sustainable Victory Gardens: Save The Earth While You Feed Your Family
Nicki Sunwall, Playing With Mud
Companion Planting: Grow More Food Using This Natural Method
Lindy Bridgman, Small Town Garden Life
Garden Planning: How To Get Your Kitchen Garden Started Right
Misilla dela Llana, Learn To Grow
Growing Herbs Masterclass: Learn All You Need To Know To Grow Delicious & Healthy Herbs At Home
Yvette Montanez, Little Dandelions
Gardening With Kids: Bring The Joy Of Gardening To Your Whole Family
Julie Schreiner, This Bountiful Life and Kailyard
Growing Tomatoes Masterclass: Learn The Right Way To Grow This Garden Staple
Melinda Barnes, Eating Buckets (that’s me!)
Growing Food To Carry you Through The Year: Grow Lots And Preserve Your Harvest

I’ll be covering a topic I care a lot about, and something our family has been doing for years now: How you can plan out your garden to grow a harvest that you can preserve to last throughout the year. As a family, we have been working to live primarily off of the food we grow on our homestead and small farmstead for several years now, so this is one way I can offer some assistance to help you have plenty of good food to last you throughout the year–and give you a few skills to hopefully help guide you far into the future.

–>To register:

I hope to see you there!

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