What To Plant Now: A Sampling of Spring Seeds

I’m getting lots of messages and questions about planting and that makes me so happy—think of all the adults and kids digging their hands in dirt!

And think of the truly immeasurable joy of giving and receiving a hand grown bouquet of homegrown food…It’s enough to make you cry, quite truly, during these times.

So. Here’s what you can plant now, noting that I missed SPINACH (it’s on order, so not in my selection today) and more.

And remember: If you plant just ONE of these things, you’re winning. Two? Crazy pants success. Three? You’re royalty.

For the love of food, my love to all of you. ❤️

With special thanks to Stephanie and Vanessa and the hard-working team at Bay Hay & Feed for compiling and delivering all the potatoes and most of the selection of seeds shown here today!

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