Look, Ma, I Got a Medal!

I’m so grateful to announce that Eating Buckets just won a Top 50 Farmhouse Blog award out of thousands of blogs through FeedSpot’s comprehensive list of the Top 50 Farmhouse Blogs on the Internet. It was an absolutely lovely surprise and boost yesterday, especially because it was our 15th wedding anniversary and I read the email after a long, heartfelt conversation with Brian about following dreams and the importance of time.

Oddly enough, my daughter called me into her room after being tucked in last night and said, “I was just praying to Grammy and all my great-grandparents. And Grammy wanted me to tell you that she loves you and wishes you a happy anniversary. She says you’ll get a message from her soon and you’ll know it’s from her. It could be when you’re sipping your coffee and it tastes especially good, or maybe it will be when you are cooking and you feel really happy. It might be when you are arranging flowers and you see a particularly beautiful one, or it might be something big, but you’ll know it’s her.” And then my daughter kissed me good night like a small angel and drifted off to sleep.

So, hurray for 22nd place out if 50 on May 22nd, the anniversary of my wedding to my favorite person in the world.

Thank you so much FeedSpot for the award! I am so very grateful! I’m excited to read and follow the other 49 winners in the list.

An especially big thank you to all if you wonderful, kind readers who make me feel connected and full of gratitude every day.

And thank you, Grammy. 😭❤️


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  1. Jessie Hartgrave says:

    How beautiful!

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