Video: Spring garden planting

Hello Springtime in the Pacific Northwest!

It’s great to be back. We wandered away to hot sun and pools and bougainvillea and fresh-pressed juice and desert breezes  for Spring break.

It was one of those vacations that show just how much we needed to get away but didn’t even know it.

And now we’re back and busier than ever. That’s the gift of time to recharge and plug back into energy and creativity, dreams and What.Do.We.Want.Exactly?sky-high-anything-is-possible thinking.

We did a lot of that this trip.

And then…. Home again home again jiggety-jig. We threw ourselves into projects and inspiration and action here in a way that I love and thrive on. I sometimes feel the root of all sorrow is feeling stuck. The antidote? Make a choice, move forward, take a turn, and get going.

We came home and grew things, tore things apart, and built some dreams. (Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get clips of our upcoming original 1901 farmhouse fir floor restoration project and our basement refinishing plans!)

For now, please join us in our garden for a quick tour of where we’re at right now. I talk about what to plant now in the Pacific Northwest. And, when you watch, be sure to listen up for the clear, hearty sound of the Red-Tail Hawk family camped out high up in one of the trees bordering our property. They circle daily and remind us of their wild and untouchable world.

But don’t forget the flowers! Here’s Brian showing you how we are reclaiming unused space and filling it with bee-attracting, heart-filling, gorgeous blooms for the year ahead (it’s his first video so give him some love, if you can spare a moment to comment):

I can’t wait to watch this season unfold!

For a great PNW planting guide go to 👉👉

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  1. NovNov says:

    I can hear a Horizon Airlines Dash 8 in the background! You really are in the NW.

    1. Melinda says:

      Haha! How funny!!

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