DIY indoor coffee table garden.

This little DIY coffee table garden is making me happy today. I’m dreaming of warmer days and green shoots in the garden. This little bit of bright green life is a good reminder “Spring is just around the corner,” as Frog likes to tell Toad.


It’s really easy to make: Just find a serving tray or basket that fits your space, and fill with greenery that works indoors. This distressed metal tray is divided into 9 squares, making it super easy to fill with 4” plants.

I wanted plants with a soft, bright profile. I luckily found the help of a local master gardener at our nearby gardening store.You can get creative and bring in all sorts of indoor plant textures and sizes, or you can just copy this one. 😊

Shown here: Oregano, Trailing Spike Moss, Soft Shield Fern, and Peperomia.

Bonus: They help clean your air.

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