Photo Diary: Buckets and Buckets and Buckets of Life.

Everything around us is bursting with burgeoning, blossoming, gorgeous, incredible, inspiring, life-giving, life-supporting, life-affirming, nature-built pieces of art. From the blackberry blossoms to the clusters of Italian plums to the Braeburn and heirloom and Fuji and Transparent apples and Bosc pears to the greens and peppers and tomato blossoms, to the first fire-orange nasturtiums, and clusters of purple and hot pink spray roses in bowers above our heads, I am in awe of how much color and beauty can be pumped out into so many square inches of our yard.  Even our children are growing buckets, inches at a time. The garden beds are gorgeously expanding daily thanks to the ever hard-working efforts of The Good Man. As much as I am able to move mountains of dirt around the yard, he can do it faster, seeing as he has more muscles than I do. He showed them to me for the photo, after much begging on my part.

DSC01654DSC01651DSC01633DSC01629DSC01625DSC01662DSC01650DSC01614DSC01611DSC01610DSC01631DSC01636DSC01648DSC01618DSC01640And to go along with all this growing food, I’ll have ideas and photos to share soon for more late-spring/early summer feasts, including a few how-to’s for making meringue and mayonnaise in your own kitchen.

With buckets of love and buckets of gratitude to be alive, and buckets of delight for all of you,



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