Buckets of wild beauty.

I have been silent over here. I know. I’ve just been posting little piddly Facebook things here and there and I have been missing my time writing in my little writing studio and connecting with all of you. I am finally back at it, but that doesn’t mean we were silent over here. We’ve had our own lives to deal with, stuff that isn’t ready for narrative here, but keeps our world turning on its axis and the sun rising and setting everyday, just like it is for all of us.

Lots of love is growing over here at Eating Buckets, and that is the whole point of being alive, isn’t it? So that is good.

We’ve had our share of evenings sitting like bookends on our couch, facing each other, feet touching, summarizing our day, and setting plans for the week.

And we’ve been sweating buckets getting our garden beds put in and ready for planting.

Well, actually, it’s more accurate to say that The Good Man has been sweating buckets, maneuvering a big Bobcat tractor around our yard and dumping buckets of incredibly rich, dark soil onto piles of sticks for our hugelkultur beds. We used a 50/50 blend of Olympic Organic Fish Compost and gorgeous, dark Bainbridge Bounty soil blend from our local compost and soils supplier, Tilz.

IMG_5421 (2)

We rented this fine Bobcat from Bainbridge Rentals, our local equipment supplier. These folks are the definition of good neighbors and we return to them again and again.

And around our yard, things have been busy, too:

The trees have been working through their mysterious, magical process of forcing leaves and flowers through their branches.

The chickens have been laying like crazy things, eating all the weeds we can give them, and pumping out delectable eggs every day with poignant squawks and empathetic coos. Imagine birthing a baby a day?

We have a lot of work still to do, but it feels great knowing that the biggest work is done for now.

The beds are in.

The dirt has been layered.

The weather is warming.

The seeds are being organized.

I will be planting our first seeds this afternoon!

Meanwhile, while we tear up our yard and build up our garden, there’s the day-to-day stuff–the horrifically stinky dog who subsists on organic fish compost and dark coyote poop and manages to poop black stools filled with sand and still appear normal and healthy:


And the little moments of small and sweet satisfaction, like clipping white flowers and arranging them in an old vase, and snapping sleepy pictures of my two favorite boys in the whole universe, and watching the greening of the yard take place day by day:

The buckets are being filled, people! 🙂


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