Old farmy things.

Things are happening in our house. Good things. We’re finishing our kitchen. We have fancy new accouterments like kitchen trim and wainscoting and columns and–voila!–a kitchen island that is anchored in one place instead of scooting around the room if you bump into it. Soon we’ll have shelves to put our drinking glasses and dinnerware. And some kind of lighting that feels old and pretty.

Do you have any lighting suggestions for our space? Please comment and tell me! Please! 🙂 There are so many different lighting options out there and I’d love to hear your ideas.

Also, my sister recently moved into a hip urban apartment in downtown Seattle, the likes of which made me drool with jealousy the other day when I saw all the fun eats and cool coffee shops right outside her door. During her move, she sorted through her belongings and put together several boxes of things that she wanted us to have in our farmhouse–coasters and awesome antique vases and an old-fashioned tin breadbox and eyelet lace white cotton tablecloths and a darling birdhouse, and, people, a yellow Le Creuset casserole and ramekin set. I have been wanting a yellow Le Creuset baking set for, like, I don’t know, forever. But it’s one of those things that feels like a big splurge, and so I never go out and buy it. I love it so much that I have it sitting out on our counter as a decorative element just so I can ogle it every time I walk by.

Also, the daffodils are blooming. The apple blossoms are starting to make their way into our yard and into big glass jars in our house. Our dog Luna has taken to her favorite Spring pastime of finding a sunny perch on our front porch where she gazes over the landscape and eats old sticks. And everywhere I look now I find pops of blue and yellow and white, a color scheme that I adore because it’s peaceful and happy.

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