How To Make Corn Tortillas & Tortilla Chips From Scratch

We’re out of chips here at our house, how ‘bout you? Here’s how to make your own from start to finish in 7 minutes. You need masa harina, extra warm tap water (at a nearly 1:1 ratio water to masa, but a bit less water), high-heat oil, and salt. That’s it. Watch the tutorial and…

Old-Fashioned Life Hacks: Seasoning Beans, & Keeping Soup on the Stove

Recently, The New York Times wrote an op-ed about beans, A Boom Time for the Bean Industry. In it, staggering statistics like this show up: “Many canners and packagers are hiring staff or adding shifts to meet the surge in demand. Typically, Rancho Gordo receives 150 to 200 orders a day for its specialty beans….